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Wall to Wall Fixed Display System

The fixed wall to wall system uses direct screw fixing to the wall. Making the system immensely strong.

The wall to wall system uses Perlon 2mm cord or 1.5mm stainless steel cable, that comes ready attached to the fittings. Steel cables can hold 120kg! The cords / cables are 3m in length. If you require longer lengths of cord or steel cable, cutom lengths can be fitted.

Placed upon the cords / cables are support clamps that enable you to attach your un-framed pictures or posters. These panel clamps are fully adjustable.
wall to wall fixed diplay system
wall fitting for cable system spring-loaded tensioner
Wall Fixings

The wall fixings projects 40mm from the wall. The perlon cord or steel cable length is 3m (standard). Longer or even Shorter lengths are available:
54p per meter (perlon), 70p per meter (cable).

Fittings availble in Satin Chrome or Polished Chrome (Reflective).

You dont have to install it yourself! You can ask us to do it...

Spring-loaded Tensioner

Un-like the "ceiling to floor" fittings, the wall to wall cable fittings have no internal way of maintaining tension. Therefore an external spring-loaded tensioner is placed between the two wall fixings (Normally nearer the bottom fixing), and can maintain torque a cord / cable, even in changes of room temperature.

The external spring-loaded tensioner is included with the standard wall to wall fixed system.

panel support single panel support double
Panel Support Single

The panel support single allows you to attach your un-framed paintings or posters to the perlon cords or stainless steel cables.

Once attached to the cords / cables, they are fully adjustable. Making them ideal for an ever changing display.

They are available in satin chrome or polished chrome (reflective), to match your cable fittings.
Panel Support Double

The panel support double allows you to attach 2 un-framed paintings or posters, side-by-side upon a single perlon cord or steel cable.

Like the panel support single, the panel support double is fully adjustable.

The panel support double is available in satin chrome or polished chrome (reflective), to match your cable fittings.

wall to wall cable display FF-CWW Wall to Wall fixed display system, Polished Chrome
(Complete with 3m steel cable and spring-loaded tensioner)
size: 40mm (1.6") (from wall)
fixing plate: 38mm (1.5") diameter
  Wall to Wall fixed display system, Satin Chrome £14.99
  Purchase 6 or MORE of this item and get a 10% discount!  
panel support single FF-CG03 Cable support 4mm single, Satin Chrome
(Provided with allen-key for bolts)
panel support double FF-CG04 Cable support 4mm double, Chrome
(Provided with allen-key for bolts)
a4 acrylic poster panel JSI-MA4-PW A4 Poster Panel, Portrait £4.99
JSI-MA4-LW A4 Poster Panel, Landscape £4.99
a3 acrylic poster panel JSI-MA3-PW A3 Poster Panel, Portrait £9.99
JSI-MA3-LW A3 Poster Panel, Landscape £9.99
a2 acrylic poster panel JSI-MA2-PW A2 Poster Panel, Portrait £19.99
JSI-MA2-LW A2 Poster Panel, Landscape £19.99
a1 acrylic poster panel JSI-MA1-PW A1 Poster Panel, Portrait £49.99
JSI-MA1-LW A1 Poster Panel, Landscape £49.99

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